The ULCSA was founded in 1997 by Bishop Louis Mphahlele. It was later organized having it's roots from the missionaries from USA through the work of foreign missions of the Apostolic Lutheran Church of America. The church's roots are from the revival movement/awakening movement of 1872 dating from Minister Lars, Levi Laestadius. It is a Laestadian Lutheran church by few congregations from the Hanoverian Mission which united with other Lutheran congregations which were founded by the missionaries from Finland.

The revival movements in German after Martin Luther, Lutheran revival movements spread through Sweden and America which resulted with the formation of the Suma and Apostolic Lutheran church of America. In 1997 Bishop Louis Mphahlele accepted the living saving gospel of the Revival movements through the Apostolic Lutheran Church. The church was registered as a church with the government in 1998 and also registered as a Non Profit Organisation (NPO).

Bishop Louis Mphahlele