Church Leagues

Church Leagues

Sunday School

Sunday school department: Children are taught by trained Sunday school teachers, teaching children bible lessons based on the vision and believes of the church.

Youth League

The motto of the league: Isaiah 6:8b "Here am I Lord, send me." The youth are being send also to save the lost souls with the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. Aims and objectives of the Youth League as stated in its constitution Chapter 1.

Youth League conference

Young Women's League

This league consist of young women in the church.

Women's Fellowship

These are the women who are not in the Women's League. Their aim is to become a witness of Jesus Christ, by words and deed, to utilize their talents and skills towards the growth and development of the church. To participate in various worship services and activities provided for in the church.

Women's League

Women's League

Elderly married women who meet for Bible study and look after the church building and the elderly people of the community.

Men's League

Men's League Choir

These are a organized group of men in the church who aim to encourage men to study the Word of God. To encourage men to organize themselves into the league that shall be a nucleus of men's activities in the church. To be an example to the congregants on and society in good conduct and upholding of Christian values. To encourage men to use their God-given talents and expertise in church. To hold prayer meetings weekly. To be supportive of the mission of the church.

Servers League

Servers League Magaliesburg

Young confirmed people are trained to assist Pastors and Deacons in the church by cleaning the church and altar preparation and being ushers in the services.

Servers League Nellmpius