The highest body of the church is the General Assembly. It consists of all Pastors, Deacons, Preachers and Representatives from all congregations and each leagues. The General Assembly deals with all church constitutional matters and Doctrines of the church when it meets once after three years called by the Church council.

Pastors Deaconess Seminar


The Church Council is the Executive council of the church which acts on behalf of the General Assembly. The church council meet four times a year to discuss the daily running of the church affairs. The Church Council has the authority given to them by the church General assembly.


The church has four circuits which are congregations grouped on geographical basis. The four circuits are:
Wesrand Circuit
Pretoria Circuit
Rustenburg Circuit
Bophirima Circuit
Each circuit has a circuit council which represents the Church council.
Total number of congregations: 23
The circuit council make sure that all church council decisions are implemented in all the congregations of that circuit.

Ikageng Congregation


The last statistics of confirmed members was taken in 1999 consisting of 2500 members.


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