Mosupatsela Lutheran Theological College

College Students
Students in Class with Bishop

Though ULCSA do not emphasis a formal theological training for its future pastors, it is in the light of the present situation of the country in which not many had a previous Bible knowledge, an urgent need of Speakers (Preachers) we will train people through Bible studies and the guidance of the experienced preachers until one will be able to preach the living Word as Pastors and Deacons. Formal theological trainig is needed for future pastors also. Thus Mosupatsela Lutheran Theological College serve that purpose to the young men who receive the calling for being future Pastors and also Deaconeses who are involved in the work of Diaconate in the church by offering distance learning by correspondence.

Student Pastors
Student Pastors

The church college offers training for future students Pastors, Deacons and Deaconess and other leaders. The college offers:

  1. Certificate course in Theological studies
  2. Diploma in Theology
  3. Other Certificates and Sunday School teaching and leadership skills through full or part time learning.
The college is open to students from other denominations as well.

Student Pastors

Ordination of women as Pastors

The United Lutheran Church in South Africa does not believe in women being ordained as Pastors, however women can be helpful to be trained as Deaconess so that they can assist in Diaconate work such as Sunday School, advising young people and conducting Bible studies to the women's league. The Deaconess will serve in the particular congregation under the guidance of the Pastors and cannot by themselves lead the congregation. Thus Deaconess are assistant Pastors.